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Keijom Oy is a young and agile engineering company that offers a wide range of services including but not limited to the following fields:

  • Technical problem solving
  • Mechanical engineering and design, 3D-CAD etc.
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic engineering and design
  • Technical calculation
  • Technical documentation
  • 3D-prints with overnight delivery


We also have a wide network of professionals focused on areas such as FEM, electrical engineering, software design, advertising…

Our office is in Pirkkala which is a part of Pirkanmaa area. The city of Tampere is just north east.

Don’t be afraid to contact us in your designing and engineering needs!


Keijom OY

Address: Amiraali 3 D 7, 33960 Pirkkala, Finland


Jari Mäkelä, Entrepreneur



+358 50 33 97 443

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)